Cherry Peg Loom 50 cm – 20″


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Fine Craftsman made English 500mm triple gauge pegloom hand crafted in Cherry.

Different peg sizes and spacing combinations offer great versatility

This Loom specifics:-

Measures 500 x 60mm approximately – supplied with 37 x 6mm nylon pegs and 25 x 9mm wooden pegs

Row 1 – 37 x 6mm peg holes at 12.5mm centres – fine weave thin wool

Row 2 – 19 x 9mm peg holes at 25.4mm centres – medim weave thicker wool

Row 3 – 25 x 9mm peg holes at 18.5mm centres – for thicker wool and a chunkier weave

Recommended reading “Peg looms and Weaving Sticks” available from Amazon (they sell it cheaper than we can buy it). Lots of project designs to get you started.

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