Circular Weaving

We provide a graduated set of 15 x 9mm pegs which is well suited for chunky yarn, wool tops or raw fleece. The narrower rows only take 6mm pegs of normal length. These shorter pegs are suited to lighter yarns and perhaps narrower projects. Mind you having said that wool tops can be easily divided into finer strands and will work on all peg settings. We recommend (link) Wooltops (another Yorkshire company) as the best supplier.

As with all peg loom weaving the first thing to do is to warp up the pegs. As we're weaving a circle each peg will have a longer warp than the preceding one. The central warp (with the shortest peg) will only be a few inches long whereas the outermost peg of 15 would have a warp length of about 66" or rather 132" total because it's doubled. That in itself can present an issue but we'll get around that in a minute.

To begin I'd recommend only warping up about 5 pegs. This way you can quickly weave a test piece and become familiar with the technique. For warp lengths please see the Warping chart (<link) and follow instructions for printing off. Don't forget to add an extra 10"+ for tying off.

When starting off a weave I find it's actually best to tie on to or simply start from the the righthand peg and weave right to left.

Circular weaving on a peg loom is the one way you can create something which will be larger than the loom itself.

See how the segments of an Orange form a circle. This is how the weave will come together, a segment at a time.