Inkle Looms - Yorkshire made

Our Inkle Looms are very popular being broadly similar to both Schacht (USA) and Ashford (NZ) looms. However ours are made in North Yorkshire so don’t have to travel between 3,400 and 11,433 miles to reach you. 

We started with the extra long weave (up to about 8m) due to demand.

We are now introducing small and medium sized models. 

Built in flexibility.

Flexibility on setup. Multiple possible peg locations according to your preference and weaving comfort

Shed setup – Adjustable by the mid point upright being relocated left or right. The top and heddle pegs can be moved to narrow or widen the shed.

Making Heddles – Use the tension peg and a convenient other peg to loop round and form heddles of precisely the length you require

Additional pegs – increase the weave length on the loom rather than buy another. Additional peg sets available.

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