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Ash Peg Loom 30 cm – 12″


12″ Ash Peg Loom 30cm

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300mm (12″) long Ash Peg loom, 3gauge, 3 row.
Width – nominally 95-100mm (4″)

We use 5 primary hardwoods. Ash, Beech, Cherry, Elm and Oak in lengths from 8″ – 4′ (occasionally longer)
All looms are handmade in our own North Yorkshire workshop and hand finished with natural, wood nourishing, Linseed oil.
More in depth info about wood and wood care loom care

Right from the start we set out to make our looms the best. We looked at other peg looms (mostly Pine) on the market which tend to have only 1 or maybe 2 rows and often 1 peg size which limits you weaving options. 3 row British hardwood peglooms are our trademark.

Our looms are totally versatile and you as the weaver may use anything from a DK or less right up to prepared or raw fleece (or even other materials).

Total number of pegs with this loom 38.
23x 6mm nylon and 15 x 9mm wooden.
Row 1 – 23 x 6mm peg holes at 12.5mm centres – from about a DK, finer wool
Row 2 – 15 x 9mm peg holes at 19mm centres – medium to chunky wool, fine – medium fleece
Row 3 – 11 x 9mm peg holes at 25mm centres – thicker fleece

Instructions see the home page link instructions

Our timber
Wood shades and grains vary from loom to loom. Each has its own unique character. We don’t fight the wood, we seek out its best aspects and present a loom for you to treasure.

Standard loom sizes 200, 300, 600, 900 & 1200mm (or 1,2,3 & 4’). Most have a broad base for stability and may be used without clamps.

Made to order – More rows, different lengths, special timbers etc. 2-6 weeks delivery according to current order levels.

Recommended reading “Peg looms and Weaving Sticks” available from Amazon (they sell it cheaper than we can buy it). Lots of project designs to get you started.

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Dimensions 300 × 60 cm