A 4″ fine set pin loom


Mini fine set pin looms 3″

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Also available as a set of 3 – 2″, 3″ and 4″
6″ and 9″ in Beech and Oak are also available. Other sizes made to order
These like our other square pin looms may be woven in a variety of ways, square on, on the bias, or on the bias – continuous weave.

Pin set at ¼”. Base timber is Beech

Warping options:

For a pin loom with pins set at 10 mm

Square on, the warp and weft is 10mm

Set on the bias (loom turned 45 degrees)

The warp and weft become 7mm and the number of warps and wefts are doubled.


For a fine set pin loom with pins at ¼” (6.4mm)

Square on you can weave at ¼” or ½” depending on yarn thickness.

Setting the loom on the bias reduces the spacing as noted above

A ½” (12.7mm) setting becomes 8.9mm

A ¼” (6.4mm) setting becomes 4.5mm


Warps and wefts may be varied for interesting effects as well as weaving with a square on warp and a bias weft.

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