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x UK orders only – Enfield Instructor’s P53 diagram – 1861


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Drawn by C King, Sargent, 78th Company Royal Marines (Light Infantry) and dated 1861.

Believed to be the only surviving example of this fascinating instructional aide. Printed and published by W.S.Paine of  Hythe.

Original pencil and ink mathematical notations retained.

The Red Line – This is somewhat unfortunate as it is where the fold line of the card outer cover lies. As such it must have been opened and closed many times resulting in small losses in this area. This could not be overcome by forcibly closing the gap. I feel it is better retained as is rather than to see the drawings out of step and at odds with each other.

The coloured “Nonpareil marble” cover is shown should anyone wish to back the print with boards as originally found. A free jpg file will be forwarded if required.

Print Size 500mm (20″) x 600mm (24″)