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Weaving Sticks 2 Sets of 5


Weaving Sticks 2 Sets of 5

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2 sets of 5 hardwood Weaving sticks. Hand sanded finish, 9mm diameter

6 pack options – see other listings
1 set of 5
2 sets of 5
5 sets of 5

The standard sets are supplied as hand sanded timber which is suitable for the majority of environments.
The oil finished sets have an applied natural oil finish providing some moisture resistance where outdoor use is anticipated.

We sell loads of these to preschools, junior schools, special needs groups, reenactor groups, care homes and hospices.
The most simple of weaving dating back millennia.
Recommended reading “Peg looms and Weaving Sticks” available from Amazon (they sell it cheaper than we can buy it). Lots of project designs to get you started.

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