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Inkle loom B – Left Handed – small (upgrade options see below)


Small starter Inkle Loom. Easily upgrades for extended length weaves

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A Left Handed Inkle loom  ( 1st image only – the rest are normal RH set looms)

Normally made to order – delivery 1-3 weeks depending on current order levels. However we do try keep 1 of this particular loom on the shelf at all times.

Our Inkle Looms sell very quickly and sometimes the stock level will appear as 0 (we occasionally forget to adjust it). However as we’re making them every week they are usually in stock or being made.  Simply order as normal.

With the success of out large Extra Long Weave (over 8m possible weave) and mid range (3.3m) Inkle Looms we have introduced a smaller, upgradable, starter version.
This compares very favourably with the standard Ashford and Schacht Inkle Looms

  • Compact size – easy to assemble
  • Integrated – swivel out stabilisers / stand
  • Versatile – many potential user set configurations
  • Inkle or tablet weaving 
  • Right or left handed frame option – just ask
  • Upgradable – longer weave – extra and longer peg sets available 
  • With just 1 peg set alone you can add about 30″ additional warp !!!!
  • Centre bolt swap for long threaded peg (optional add on) adds about 0.4m extra warp
  • Prefer 4 or 5″pegs with this loom? This can be done at the time of purchase by contacting us before ordering so we can amend the order.
  • Made in North Yorkshire – shipped around the world
  • Where are they now: New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, France, Southern Ireland, Italy, Spain and Portugal ……….and of course throughout the UK including the islands
  • For reference as recommended by a leading UK weaver – “Weaver’s Inkle Pattern Directory: 400 Warp-Faced Weaves”

Being UK made it hasn’t far to travel unlike other brands which are from 3,500 – 11,600 miles !!

The starter model has 7 x 3″ long pegs providing 1.6m warp. Other well known commercial models tend to have 2″ pegs.
It measures 18″ long by 10.5″ high

However it can be upgraded with additional peg sets (of 2, 4,& 6) to provide the following
With 9 pegs – 2.3m warp
11 pegs – 2.8m warp
13 pegs – 3.1m warp

Longer warp possible when tablet weaving

Loads of set up options so you can fine tune it to your specific needs.
Make precise heddles on the frame by using 1 peg and the tension peg.

Timber – Beech – hand sanded and oiled prior to dispatch.

Leading UK supplier of English hardwood Peg looms (over 35 options) and other weaving equipment.

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